Great Resolutions Podcast by Topic

Intercession: Salvation for Man
The Importance of Interceding for Others

Jame M'Kendrick: A Common Coal Miner Who Started a Revival
The Fire of Gospel

William Borden: A Privileged Life Turned to the Gospel
Vitality, Companionship, and the Group Life at Yale 100 Years Ago

John Huss: Martyr for the Truth
Overcoming During a Time of Abnormality
Recant or Die

The Haystack Prayer Meeting: Young People Burdened for Spreading the Gospel Abroad
A Strong Wind Blowing at Williams College

Robert Govett: Recovering the Truth of Christian Reward 
Robert Govett: A Pursuer of the Truth
The Truth of Christian Reward

D.M. Panton: Shining Light on the Lord's Second Coming
The Life and Work of D.M. Panton