Great Resolutions Podcast by Topic


Intercession: Salvation for Man
The Importance of Interceding for Others

William Borden: A Privileged Life Turned to the Gospel
Vitality, Companionship, and the Group Life at Yale 100 Years Ago

Jame M’Kendrick: A Common Coal Miner Who Started a Revival
The Fire of Gospel

D.L. Moody: Evangelist on Fire
The Little-Known Burden of D.L. Moody
A Glimpse into the Life of D.L. Moody
Moody’s Relationships

A.B. Simpson: Simplified to Christ
The Heritage, Salvation, and Learnings of A.B. Simpson
Learning to Serve
Simpson’s Fourfold Gospel

George Muller: An Example of Living By Prayer and Faith
God’s Mercy Reaching a Wicked Young Man – George Muller
George Muller – A New Life
A Testimony to the Prayer-Hearing God
George Muller’s Source of Supply
The Recovery of Living by Faith

John Wycliffe: Morning Star of Reformation
The Morning Star of the Reformation
A Faithful Witness
The Man Behind the First English Bible
The Bible-Men of the Middle Ages

John Huss: Martyr for the Truth
Overcoming During a Time of Abnormality
Recant or Die

Martin Luther: Standing Against It All
Young Martin – Ignorant of God’s Righteousness
A Monk Turns from Works to Grace
Fighting the Good Fight
The Recovery of Justification by Faith
Katie Luther – Martin’s Dearest

The Haystack Prayer Meeting: Young People Burdened for Spreading the Gospel Abroad
A Strong Wind Blowing at Williams College

Robert Morrison: Pioneering the Gospel in China
The Calling and Commission of Robert Morrison
Robert Morrison: A Publisher of Glad Tidings
Sufferings and Joys of the Persevering Pioneer

Hudson Taylor: Taking the Gospel into the Interior of China
Preparations of a Useful Vessel – Hudson Taylor
Taking the Gospel into the Interior of China
Serving with Companions
The China Inland Mission
The Highest Service at the Greatest Sacrifice
Faithful to the End

Robert Govett: Recovering the Truth of Christian Reward 
Robert Govett: A Pursuer of the Truth
The Truth of Christian Reward

D.M. Panton: Shining Light on the Lord’s Second Coming
The Life and Work of D.M. Panton