NACT Day 5 Report

Deep calls unto deep! In the midst of the heat and rigorous schedule, the trainees’ shining faces are a true testimony to the increasing depths of the NACT.

Day 5 of the training began with an emphasis for each student to have a very personal seeking after Christ. We must have a romantic and affectionate relationship with the Lord as portrayed in Song of Songs, desiring for Him to kiss us with the kisses of His mouth. We should become those with a definite direction in our human lives, and this direction should be God Himself. When we set God as our direction and enjoy Him as our divine inheritance through the Spirit and through the Word, we see that anything other than God is vanity.

The evening session, The Propagation of the Jubilee, unveiled the contents of our divine commission according to the vision of the Jubilee. In the parable in Luke 15, the father’s need was greater than the son’s need. God has a need for us to turn from the authority of Satan to God, that we may receive an inheritance – the Triune God Himself. The enjoyment of Christ as our Jubilee brings us to the Father’s house; the church life is where we find and keep our enjoyment. The singing, shouting, and testifying of the students made it clear that this college training is giving many a vision of God’s economy, centered on Christ and carried out through enjoying Christ as the real Jubilee.

After the evening message, the burden concerning the Full-Time Training in Anaheim (FTTA) was released through a video presentation and a brother’s speaking. The presentation specifically appealed to the students’ will and their own interactions with the Lord, avoiding stirring up any outward emotional response. There is a strong burden that the students would choose to place themselves under a full-time training to grow in life and be equipped to function as members. May the Lord place the FTTA in the students’ hearts according to His will, and may they fully cooperate with Him to go wherever the Lamb leads.

Please pray that:

  • The Lord would call many students to give themselves to go to the FTTA, and that the students would respond to His calling
  • As some students have brought up a desire for baptism, that those who have not yet been baptized would be released to be transferred out of the authority of Satan to God
  • The atmosphere would remain high in the final days of the training, so that the Lord would continue to have the best atmosphere to speak into open vessels

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