NACT Day 6 Report

Consistent in all the speaking at NACT has been this one thing: our response. A response to all that’s been spoken and all that’s been seen – not a temporary, emotional stirring-up of excitement, but our deep response to the Lord in prayer.

The morning meetings thus began with addressing the fear that this week’s enjoyment would just fade into a good memory. The brothers urged the students to develop a hidden life with the Lord, to participate in and take ownership of the church meetings, and to find and maintain proper companionships. In the afternoon, twenty five students were baptized! Later, there were many wonderful moments as the students spent their last small group time together.

The anticipation carried over into the evening meeting, as brother Minoru released a sober, weighty word on the night’s burden: that this generation and each one at the meeting would personally have the Lord’s appearing. Paul was one who was so set, who even persecuted the church of God excessively and ravaged it. It took the Lord’s direct appearing to him to blind him to everything else until Paul could see nothing but Jesus only. Our brother then went on to testify concerning how the Lord appeared and reappeared to him personally. There was no reason for the Lord to appear to him, and yet the Lord did. This caused him to give the rest of his life to the Lord to serve Him.

The message ended with a call. Not to stir up emotions in an “altar call,” but to call a representative group of this generation – those with a serious, heartfelt burden who desire His appearing to them, His purpose for them, and the seven items in Acts 26:18 as their life and living. This was not to tell the Lord what they want to do for Him, but to ask: “Lord, who are You?” and “Lord, what do You want me to do?”

Many responded – quiet, solemn, and with intent – and streamed down the two aisles until the stage overflowed and the area around the stage began to run out of room. They stood facing out before the Lord and before the whole universe as a testimony that, in this generation, He has preserved for Himself some who have not bowed their knees unto Baal.

Both the ones who stood and the ones who remained in their seats began to pray silently in response to the Lord. Still more students continued to come down the two aisles. They then began to pray desperately in twos and threes. To conclude, eight coworker brothers prayed for the students, many with tears running down their faces. From these prayers:

“O Lord, tonight we call upon heaven and earth to testify of this occasion. You are here. We are here. The angels are here. Even the devil is here. The whole universe is observing. Even many clouds of witnesses of past saints are also here.”

“Lord, thank You You are here. We believe You are here tonight. Your appearance is so real, so fresh. Lord, we’ve never been like this before.”

“Tonight, this generation has the baton. Lord, we stand with them. We’re one with them. Lord, we pray that they would finish it. They would close the age. They would stand one with You, O Lord, for Your interest here on earth.”

“We are not much and we make no promise. We know we are the worst. We are the chiefest sinners. But You have called us. You have appeared to us. We don’t know why. And tonight we don’t care why, because You love us, You called us, and by Your mercy we answer the call. We just say amen. Amen.”

“Lord, appear to us where we are. Lord, may this be the generation that seeks Your face. Lord, may we have a heart for You, a heart for Your interest, a heart for Your desire. Don’t let us go. We mean business with You.”

“Do with them what You could not do with us, what You could not get through in us. Get through in them!”

“Nothing can compete with You, Lord. Tear any idols from our hearts. Exercise Your love and Your jealousy over us. Gain us fully, Lord. We are only here for You. Our whole heart, Lord, must be reserved for You. We ask You, Lord, to take away anything else that is in competition with You. O Lord, win. O Lord, defeat. O Lord, gain our full heart.

“We don’t want to be in the Jubilee in an outward way. We want to become the Jubilee. We want to become the good news. We want to live the good news. We want others to see what we have seen. We want others to join us. We want others that You can appear to them. So gain us, Lord. Whatever the price, whatever the cost. We give ourselves willing to You.”

“We pray, make each one of them a witness to You unto all men of the things which they have seen and heard. O God of glory, appear, appear, until each one receives a heavenly vision. Appear until the heavenly vision becomes a commission to go and proclaim the gospel of the glory of the blessed God.”

“Cause them to be Your appearing on their campuses to all those around them, turning those around them from darkness, from the authority of Satan, to enable them to see God, that You would not only gain these ones, but You would gain their generation on all the campuses, thousands upon thousands.”

“Make them men and women of purpose, Your purpose, for Your joy and satisfaction. Hear this prayer, O Lord. We may forget, but You will not forget.”

The students were charged to spend much time alone with the Lord that night and in the coming days, and to write in their notebooks according to their inner sensation and according to the Lord’s speaking and appearing to them. A number could be seen outside in the muggy hot night across campus, praying and writing; others were inside doing the same, responding to the Lord and seeking His appearing.

The Lord was here tonight.

Please pray that:

  1. Each of the students would spend much time in the coming days with the Lord alone; the Lord would appear to each one, to call and send each one.
  2. This training would have a long-term impact on the lives of each student and on their generation, including those who did not have a chance to attend
  3. This training would be a great blessing to the Lord’s recovery and the Lord’s move in North America and across the globe.
  4. This would be the generation that brings Him back


  1. Larry Little on July 21, 2019 at 1:49 am

    Amen Lord, have your way with this generation of pursuing ones.

  2. ZL on July 21, 2019 at 8:44 am

    Amen! Hallelujah! Lord! Give each one of them this kind of spirit. May their will be strong to live for you and even may they live a martyr’s life. For your sake, you need this kind of people who can bring You back!

  3. LoisZhou on July 21, 2019 at 8:59 am

    Lord Jesus! We thank so much for Your great mercy! We are not worthy, but we thank You! We love You. Lord, make us all ready for your second coming. Come back soon! We want to see You face to face and be with You forever and ever to make You happy!

  4. Nelisa on July 21, 2019 at 4:03 pm

    Amen. Lord do what you want to do in this generation. Do it Lord Jesus !

  5. Brenda Benedetto on July 21, 2019 at 7:44 pm

    Lord Jesus! Thank you for so much encouragement to all the saints! There is a generation standing on this earth one with the Lord!

  6. JG on July 21, 2019 at 11:46 pm

    Amen! Lord we praise You for the work You have done in this week. May Your word continue to grow, spread, and take root in all these dear students. Cause us to enjoy You as our real jubilee in our daily Christian life. Hallelujah!

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