NACT Day 7 Report

On the last day of the NACT, brother Minoru continued part two of his evening message on the propagation of the Jubilee. God’s appearing always issues in God’s calling.  God did the same with the apostle Paul. After his conversion, Paul asked, “Who are You?” and the Lord answered with a commission: “Rise up and stand on your feet; for I have appeared to you for this purpose, to appoint you as a minister and a witness.”

Brother Minoru began first by emphasizing the uniquely personal aspect of God’s appearing. He again urged each of the college students to find time to pray with the Lord, personally, intimately, and individually. Although we need companions and the church, the Lord’s coming to reach us and touch us is very, very personal. Song of Songs 1:4 says, “Draw me, and we will run after Thee.” His hope was that the young people from generation Z would all become men and women with vision. This vision can only come from God’s appearing. If we have His appearing, then we have everything we need. We feed on His appearing, and we live by His appearing. May each one of us learn to spend time alone with the Lord in the coming weeks, years, and for the rest of our lives!

After God appears to us, God anoints us and appoints us to be a minister and witness. Matt. 28:18-19 tells us that all authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth – thus we should go therefore and disciple all the nations, baptizing them into the Triune God. It is by His divine authority that we are appointed by God! At the end of the time, brother Minoru sounded out the call for all the students to proclaim the gospel and the Jubilee all over the campuses in North America. As the Jubilee as been preached to us every day of this week, it is now our turn to proclaim liberty and release to the captives. May these coming years truly be the year of enjoying the Jubilee, and proclaiming the jubilee as the gospel to our friends, classmates, families, and all the ones the Lord would arrange for us to meet.

As the students arrive home and back to the routine in their daily lives, please continue to pray for them at this critical juncture.

Pray that:

  1. The Lord would cover all the students coming back home, and this following week from any attacks from the enemy
  2. The students would spend much personal time with the Lord in these next few days concerning the words that were spoken to them this past week
  3. The students’ would all have the Lord’s personal appearing and would be emboldened to proclaim the jubilee on their campuses this upcoming school year

We all can testify of the joy, rest and privilege of being at the 2019 NACT. We thank the Lord for all He has done and will do and for all the prayers of the saints this entire week.

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