Local Chinese women began to play a vital role in the spread of the gospel in the early 1920s because of social reforms in China. Boarding schools were established by missionaries where local Chinese women were educated so that they could help spread the gospel. These women were known as the Bible women. Dora Yu […]

In this podcast, we begin to consider the life of Dora Yu, the sister through whom Watchman Nee was saved. We take a look at her early life including her family life and education. Her story still resonates with us today, especially young people, because through all the ups and downs of human life God […]

In this podcast, we take a look at D.M. Panton’s classic book The Judgment Seat of Christ. This book provides an understanding concerning the three kinds of judgment that will take place at the Lord’s coming, with particular emphasis on the responsibility that a believer bears in their living and work after they are saved. […]

We would like to announce that the existing beseeching.org is being rebuilt. It will be a completely new site to help the saints in the churches in North America, especially those in the United States, persevere in daily intercessory prayer, and continue on from the 60 days of global 24-hour prayer that ended in May. The site […]

Dear All, We’d like to announce a new video created by Bibles for America (BfA) for the saints conveying the burden for the gospel to be preached during this global pandemic. This video also gives an overview of the different types of gospel resources available on our Share the Gospel Page and how to easily […]

In this fellowship, a particular burden is shared for graduating high school seniors. You are going through a senior year like no other. We all are passing through a very unique time, something none of us has ever passed through. But for you, many of the activities you have been looking forward to are now […]

In this podcast, we cover practically how we can maintain our faith, love, and hope. There are two practical ways in which we can generate faith—handling the word of God and exercising our spirit by paying attention to our conscience, the leading part of our spirit. To maintain our love, we need to spend time with the Lord. […]

Dear saints, We’d like to announce to all the brothers and sisters a new gospel page on the Bibles for America site called Share the Good News. The Lord has burdened us to pray for people everywhere during this COVID-19 global pandemic and to share with them the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is truly […]

Faith, love, and hope are the structure of the Christian life. What is meant by this? In 1 Thessalonians, which was written to new believers, Paul emphasizes these three matters at the beginning and at the end of his epistle. In describing them, he likens each to a piece of armor, indicating that the Christian […]

In light of the current world situation, the co-workers in the Lord’s recovery feel that now is the time to call on the saints in every place to pray in one accord as the one new man for the Lord’s interests on the earth. To facilitate this burden, a new website has been set up, unceasinglypray.org. […]

As mentioned in the last podcast, one practical way to become a blessing to your family is to help out with your younger siblings during this health crisis. A good resource that will be available starting today is a daily video series called Family Time, with new episodes being posted at 4:00 PM (PST) every Monday to Friday […]

The burden in this podcast is that we would take the lead in our home and family life to be a blessing to our family during this current crisis. In Genesis 12:1-3 God told Abraham that in him all the families of the earth would be blessed. In principle, we can also become a blessing—a […]

As we all find ourselves in this unfolding crisis, we can take heart in the Lord’s word. In John 14:1 the Lord said, “Do not let not your heart be troubled; believe into God, believe also into Me.” Our human life and church life have been changed, but we must remember to always give the Lord […]

In this special fellowship with the young people, Brother Ron Kangas asks us to consider two very important questions: what is a human being and what is the purpose of life on this earth? A very small percentage of people know the answer to these two questions. If we allow the Lord to enlighten us, […]

In this podcast, we conclude this line of fellowship by looking at the matter of giving thanks as seen in the book of Psalms along with the New Testament story of the Lord’s healing of ten lepers. How often we overlook this matter of giving thanks! Just a little studying will show us how giving […]

In this timely fellowship to the young people, Brother Minoru Chen shares practical points on how we can go on in our human life, our spiritual life and our church life in today’s age. Five words of advice are shared: take care of our personal relationship with the Lord; read the Word; realize the church loves […]

In this podcast, we continue to look at the practice of giving thanks as seen in the word of God. In both the New and Old Testaments, we can find many practical points related to giving thanks. Though it is a practice we often overlook in our daily life, giving thanks in various situations and […]

In this sharing, Brother Jose Pagan gives his testimony of his salvation during the World Series. “I didn’t know the Lord knew the way to Yankee Stadium. I didn’t know He knew the way to second base.” These are just a few of the reflections shared in his brief testimony. During a game, while at […]

We all have a “Jerusalem.” We have friends, classmates, and acquaintances. Outwardly, the people that we know may seem fine, but inwardly some are desperately seeking for meaning in life. We should take some time before the Lord to consider our own salvation and our own enjoyment of the church life. When the Lord returns, […]

Download: The Promise of His Coming The Prophecy of the Lord’s Coming in the Old Testament The Prophecy of the Lord’s Coming – the Speaking of the Lord Jesus concerning His Coming The Signs of His Coming The Two Aspects of His Coming Our Preparation for the Lord’s Coming (1) Watching and Being Ready Our […]